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Diosa De Ibiza

Our 'Diosa de Ibiza' collection is a heartfelt homage to the captivating island of Ibiza, where inspiration flows from the very soul of this mystical place, reminiscent of the ancient goddesses who have graced its shores. The warm, hazy days of Ibiza's romantic summers have given birth to a remarkable assemblage of ethereal printed dresses, softer fabrics, and delicate satins that effortlessly encapsulate the island's unique allure. Each piece within this collection is an evocation of the softer, more feminine side of Ibiza, paying tribute to the island's enduring legacy of powerful yet soft feminine energy. 

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'Bonita' Strapless Linen Dress - Blush Print'Bonita' Strapless Linen Dress - Blush Print
'Jondal' Sarong - Signature Print Black'Jondal' Sarong - Signature Print Black
'Myla' Strapless Top - Stone'Myla' Strapless Top - Stone
'Myla' Strapless Top - Stone Sale priceDhs. 610.00
'Jondal' Sarong - Signature Print Blush'Jondal' Sarong - Signature Print Blush
'Salvia' Sheer High Neck Top'Salvia' Sheer High Neck Top
'Salvia' Sheer High Neck Top Sale priceDhs. 690.00
'Isla' Linen Maxi Skirt - Stone'Isla' Linen Maxi Skirt - Stone
'Isla' Linen Maxi Skirt - Stone Sale priceDhs. 860.00
'Andrea' Embroidered Linen Shirt - Blush'Andrea' Embroidered Linen Shirt - Blush
'Andrea' Embroidered Linen Shirt - Black Print'Andrea' Embroidered Linen Shirt - Black Print
'Yves Uro' Gathered Mini Dress - Cream'Yves Uro' Gathered Mini Dress - Cream
'Salinas' Linen Trousers - Stone'Salinas' Linen Trousers - Stone
'Salinas' Linen Trousers - Stone Sale priceDhs. 520.00
'KU' Linen mini Dress - Black Print'KU' Linen mini Dress - Black Print
'Hacienda' Embroidered Linen Shorts - Blush'Hacienda' Embroidered Linen Shorts - Blush
‘Yves Uro’ Gathered Jumpsuit - Cream‘Yves Uro’ Gathered Jumpsuit - Cream
'Sol' Satin-Crepe Crop Top - Black'Sol' Satin-Crepe Crop Top - Black
'Leo' Satin-Crepe Maxi Skirt - Black'Leo' Satin-Crepe Maxi Skirt - Black
'KU' Linen Mini Dress - Blush Print'KU' Linen Mini Dress - Blush Print
'Hacienda' Embroidered Linen Shorts - Black Print'Hacienda' Embroidered Linen Shorts - Black Print
'Bonita' Strapless Linen Dress - Black Print'Bonita' Strapless Linen Dress - Black Print
'Yves Uro’ Gathered Jumpsuit - Blush'Yves Uro’ Gathered Jumpsuit - Blush
'Yves Uro' Gathered Mini Dress - Black'Yves Uro' Gathered Mini Dress - Black
'Hacienda' Linen Shorts - Stone'Hacienda' Linen Shorts - Stone
'Hacienda' Linen Shorts - Stone Sale priceDhs. 630.00
'KU' Crepe Mini Dress - Cream'KU' Crepe Mini Dress - Cream
'KU' Crepe Mini Dress - Cream Sale priceDhs. 995.00
'Bonita' Strapless Satin-Crepe Dress - Black'Bonita' Strapless Satin-Crepe Dress - Black